2021 Summer


"Your health has never been more important..."

We ran two challenges through this Pandemic and we've learned a lot.

We learned that in order to be successful, we needed a new game plan... why?


Simple, because the game has changed and that means we need to change too. Challengers are facing new obstacles like navigating training at home, the need for new motivation and accountability, and learning how to navigate a fit lifestyle in a home environment.

This Challenge is about taking charge, learning from our circumstances, and adapting to overcome.


After running two Challenges during this pandemic...

We learned that our Challengers needed more accountability, they needed to find ways to tap into the intensity they normally get from the gym, and they needed to have fun! 

We're introducing our Challenge Book Protocol with a section released each week with the chances to EARN prizes that will help you in this journey.

New Format... New Opportunities


“We can't change everything about your diet, that just doesn't work anymore...


...What we can do is help you start making small changes that pay big dividends down the road. This is about fueling your body with nutrient dense foods, building a foundation for health, and  then reaping the benefits of those changes like weight loss, more energy, and lean muscle.”



The Reign Summer Challenge 2021

Join us starting Monday May 17th, 2021 through June 15th, 2021 as we take on 30 days of commitment to fitness. Whether this is to help you get momentum going towards summer goals or you're just looking to lose some Pandemic Weight... 

This Challenge is for You! 

Once you Register, our team will connect with you as we get closer to our start date to help you best prepare for the following 30 days.


Member Price: $99 + tax 


Non-Member Price: $199 + tax