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Workouts For The Reign Traveler Part 1

With Summer here...

It's important to remember that fitness is a part of your lifestyle and that means even while traveling.

With so many Reign Fitness members traveling for work and going on vacation, we wanted to start a series that offers travel friendly workouts that are either completely bodyweight or require little to no equipment.


Whether you're here in Renton, WA training at Reign or you're somewhere else in the world, remember that we got your back!

The Quick Full Body Smash

Total time: 15 minutes of work.

15-20 minutes total depending on break.

30 Seconds of Work / 30 seconds break in between each exercise.

Repeat 3 times through breaking for 1-3 minutes as necessary at the end of each complete round. (1 Round = finishing all exercises)

  1. Squat Jumps

  2. Pushups

  3. Alternating Lunges or Lunge Jumps

  4. Plank To Push

  5. Burpees

The Kick Starter

Complete 10 rounds for time. Finish all exercises for the set number of reps listed and in the order listed.

Squats x 10 reps

Pushups x 10 reps

Situps x 10 reps

Burpees x 5 reps

Money Maker

Total Time: 20 minutes

Complete the exercise for the number of reps at the top of each minute. Use the remaining time in the minute to recover.

Minute 1-10

8 squats

8 pushups

Minute 11-15

10-15 Burpees

Minute 16-20

Situps x 15-25 reps

Sweat Heaven

Total Time: 15 minutes

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

Squats x 10 reps

Buprees x 10 reps

Run 400m (.25 miles)

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