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New Reign Social Events Coordinator | Jessica Young

With the continued growth of Reign Fitness and Performance we are excited to re-organize, fulfill new roles, and continue to dedicate ourselves to our community. And... We are truly thankful to have a team that has re-committed to our community and continues to be passionate leading others towards a healthy/fit lifestyle. With that being said... We are super excited to announce (if you didn't know already) that Jessica Young has come on to our team as our Social Events Coordinator! Not only will you see her in both ReignFIT and Barbell classes, you'll see her pushing herself in competitions and training for them with Coach Nemesia N Ramolete! She's been a rockstar in our community and has always took the initiative to help contribute. Now she'll be helping the Reign Team bring Social Events to our Reign Community and provide more opportunities for our Reign Fam to hang out, support each other, and have fun! And don't worry she's got a handle on all the different members we have here so look out for everything from happy hours to family outings and Hiking Adventures to Urban Coffee Get Togethers. Make sure to congratulate her the next time you see her and of course keep your eyes peeled for Reign Social Events. *Be sure to watch both the Reign Members Page and Reign Community Page for opportunities to give feedback along with updates on new events.

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