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What Shoes To Train In? My All Time Favorite

I’ve tried so many different types of shoes, sometimes it’s hard to determine which shoe will be the best for my training that day.

At Reign Fitness and Performance, we lift, run, do burpees, and so many other movements. I’ve been in training sessions where I change my shoes 2-3 times depending on what I’m working on, but I just want to train with one pair that will accommodate everything.

I have three shoes that I’ve tried and have ranked them from my favorite to least favorite depending on my personal preference.

Shoe #1 Reebok Nano 8

These shoes are hands down my all-time favorite shoe!

They offer the stability I need when I’m doing Olympic lifting movements. I like to be able to feel the floor as much as I can and these shoes do it for me. I ran a mile in these shoes and the flexibility of the shoe was great.

My feet didn’t cramp up and I felt like I could of gone for another 2 miles and still feel good. Lastly, these shoes are lightweight and very durable! They still look pretty new and I’ve had them for a while now.

Shoe #2 No Bull

My Nobull's are awesome and I love to train in them, but there are a couple things I wasn’t too fond of. The stability of the shoe is great.

When I do Olympic lifting or any type of barbell work, I feel very stable and secure in these shoes.

As for the flexibility, I wasn’t impressed. I ran a mile in these shoes and I felt like my calves were going to cramp up towards the end.

Lastly, these shoes are definitely lightweight (a little more than my reebok 8s) and they’re durable as well. I’ve had all these shoes for about the same time and these ones look the newest out of the other two.

Shoe #3 Nike Metcons

My Nike Metcons come in at a close third. These shoes are very stable, but at times when I’m doing back squats I feel like my feet shift inside my shoe which doesn’t make me feel secure in my life.

As for the flexibility of the shoe, they are flexible, but I did find when I ran a mile in my Metcons my shins started to ache towards the end.

This could have been for multiple reasons, but I personally wouldn’t run in my metcons. Lastly, the shoes are lightweight and are pretty durable. I do notice after 6 months, the shoes tend to make a squeaky noise when I walk.


There are pros and cons to everything, but I would say by far my Reebok Nano 8s take first place.

If you’re looking to buy a pair of training shoes, my only advice would be to do a few squats, burpees, and run in place to make sure they fit right for you.

It’s better to test them out first so then when it comes to training day you can perform at your best!

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