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3 Tips To Help You With Tough Nutrition Decisions | Coach Mesha

Tracking macros is a great way to reach your nutrition goals while still getting to eat some of the foods you love.

It allows you to be flexible while working hard but keep in mind that your results may take a little longer if you're choosing to be more flexible with your food choices.


"Even if your favorite donut fits into your daily macronutrient numbers, it may not always be your best choice."

Why not?

The doughnut may not be conducive to your overall goal and slow your progress down despite fitting into your macronutrient numbers for the day (Macros). Think about long term results and the skills you're trying to develop to help you stay healthy.

Does the donut fit into the long term game plan?

You may even have some short term momentum goals like to cut down on sugar and avoid unplanned meals. A doughnut might hinder some of the progress you've made with building momentum in your nutrition.

It's important to remember that even one treat can leave you in a challenging position to reach your daily macronutrient goals. I know we've all had one of those days where you chose to have an extra serving of ice cream and realized now you only have enough room in your macros to choose between eating chicken breasts or plain egg whites for dinner.

Not a fun situation to be in.


In this post, I want to give you three tips to help you take on these mini nutrition battles, face tough food decisions, and get your mindset back on your goals.

Tip 1| Think Before You Eat

You’ve just seen a delicious COOKIE or DONUT on the counter at a cafe and you think that you need it.

Before you make any decisions, take a moment and run through some facts:

  • The cafe strategically placed it there to try to tempt you. LOL!

  • You didn't even think about eating a donut or cookie before you saw it.

  • It won’t exist in your mind when you walk away.

So what next...

"Walk away to get that cookie, donut, or muffin out of sight and take 10-20 minutes before making a decision."

I'll bet you will have forgotten all about it!

Tip 2 | Eat Some, But Not All Of It (Like Half!)

Can you be satisfied eating only half?

For many people, learning to eat "some" and giving the rest away can actually be an achievement. (Sharing is caring after all.)


Going a little over your macros is not the same as letting completely go and it's important to understand this concept.

Think about this:

"Eating 2 cookies more than your macros will allow is not the same as clearing out an entire cookie sleeve."

By not letting a small indulgence turn into a complete binge, you win!

Remember, you are building your habits and self control it takes time.

Tip 3 | Communicate With Your Coach

Your coach is there to give advice and help you build strategies for developing healthy habits.

It may not be from me, it could be any coach from Reign Fitness. ( Jodeci, Willie, Megan, Erika or Albert.)

Let them know what you’re struggling with so we can ensure you receive the tools and guidance you need to succeed.

Trust us, we have been through and seen it all.



Have a great week!

♥️ Coach Mesha

For info on Reign Nutrition Coaching please contact Coach Mesha at

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