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Reign Fitness Hosts Talbot Hill Elementary School Field Trip

We were was so excited to see Talbot Hill Elementary's fitness program come by for a second year to visit Reign Fitness.

They have an incredible program that launches different kinds of small business ran by students within the school including Talbot Hill (TH) Fitness.

The program led by an amazing teacher, Mrs. Johnson, even hires student managers (which they interview for) and really directs a program that promotes fitness but with opportunities for students to be involved.

It was truly inspiring to see that we don't have to get kids excited about fitness and being active because they already are...

What we need to do is continue to support them as they get older to stay active and also provide the opportunities for them stay healthy & fit.

Also a Big shout out to our own Operations Director and Coach Willie Seals III for making this happen and for keeping us plugged in to our community.

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