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DB Hang Power Clean Points of Performance

A movement you've been seeing in ReignFIT and Barbell classes is the DB Hang Power Clean.

This is a full body movement that can build power, lean muscle, and burn fat. It's also a great movement to learn before transitioning to a barbell as technique and points of performance are very simliar.

Take a moment to review the points of performance to help you make consistent progress in classes.

DB Hang Power Clean Points of Performance:

✅ Standing hip width stance and in Jump Position (knees slightly bent with upwards posture)

✅ Deadlift dumbbells to the hang position

✅ Extend hips and legs rapidly keeping heels down until hips and legs are fully extended.

✅ Shoulders shrug, followed by a pull under with arms.

✅ Catch Dumbbells in partial front squat.

✅ Complete by standing with hips and knees extending with the dumbbells on shoulders.

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