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ReignDeer Challenger Series | Reign Fitness December 2018

After requests from the Reign Family for something to help keep them accountable through the Holiday Season and motivation going into 2019...

We are introducing a 4 Week Workout Challenge in December that is designed to not only challenge you with workouts and opportunities to move more but also help keep your training fun.

Whether you want to test your fitness and see how you stack up against others or you just want to stay on point with extra workouts over the holidays for a little extra fun - this challenger series is for you!

Challenger Series Info:

✅ 4 workouts released each in December

✅ $20 Registration (Deadline is November 30th)

✅ Private Facebook Group to Post Scores and Stay Accountable with other challengers through the holidays.

✅ 2 Divisions (Barbell & ReignFIT)

  • Both of these divisions will include scaled movements and weights.

  • ReignFIT will also have a no equipment workout option.

Weekly challenge workouts can be completed at the gym only during specified times and not during classes. These challenges are not designed to take the place of your weekly programming workouts. If you are going to utilize these open times to complete challenges, please show up in a timely manner as coaches may not be able to accommodate times outside the listed.

The following Days and Times are open for you to complete challenges. (Be nice to coaches who are making these times available!)

You can also touch base with coaches to schedule additional times.

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: 7-7:30am

Thursdays: 7pm

Friday: Open Gym 10am-1pm

Barbell Division:

The Barbell Workouts will include both an Rx and scaled variation.

Sample Barbell Challenger Workout 21-15-9 Calorie Row OTB Burpees BB Power Cleans Rx (135/95) FIT (95/75)

Score = Time


The ReignFIT workouts will include both an Rx variation and No Equipment Variation.

Sample ReignFIT Challenger Workout (No Barbell) 21-15-9 Box Step Ups Burpees Alternating DB Snatch Rx (50/35) (40/25)

Please, remember that there is no nutrition component to this challenge but we still recommend and stand by our Nutrition Motto: "Eat Real Food, Not Too Much, and Mostly Plants/Lean Proteins."

If you are interested, please email or talk to your coach for registration. You can pay at the front desk anytime with a coach. Payment must be received in order to confirm your spot!

If you commented, we should have connected with you - if not please be patient and we will follow up!

December 3rd, 2018 - Challenge Series Workout #1 will be announced in our private FB Page, see you all then!

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