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Game Plan For The Season + How To Get A Head Start For Health & Fitness In 2019

The holiday season brings us special time with loved ones, opportunities to give love and support, and lot's of great memories.

However, the season can also get jam packed with additional obligations and stressors. It's no secret that this is a busy time of the year for everyone.


Despite the fact that some of these additional additions to your schedule can be wonderful things, like getting together with friends and family, it can also mean disruption to your normal routine. The combination of a disrupted and impacted schedule, additional stress, and an overflowing amount of regularly available sugary foods that you're not normally around can quickly lead to poor health habits.

Too often I see people throw in the towel on their health and fitness goals in the last month of the year. (Every year) They give in, rationalize too much on their plate, too much temptation, too much travel, too much change, too much etc… to stay on track with their fitness goals.

And instead…

They re-direct their attention to New Year's resolutions, right after the holiday season has passed.

This year, I want to encourage you all to get a head start and get momentum on your side with fitness-related New Year's Goals. I want to give you a few simple suggestions to help you game plan and navigate the holidays so that you don't forget… Your Health/Fitness is a priority and an investment. (Take care of yourself and you can take care of everyone else better!)

Focus on a Short-Term Goal

Short-term goals are not only one of my most relied upon strategies because of how effective they are, but also because how customizable they can be. Think of a goal that you can accomplish relatively easily over the holidays - it shouldn't be huge commitment, just something to help keep you on track.

ex. Short-Term Goal = Make it to the gym 4x a week or Don't eat out on the weekdays.

Short-term goals work because of the fast approaching deadline but also because effort is always more effective with direction and purpose.

Coach's Tip:

Start thinking ahead about larger, long term goals so that you have plenty of time to reflect what is important to you as you head into the New Years. Don't wait until it's already 2019, make an effort to game plan ahead so that you can hit the beginning of the year ready!

Get Involved In A Fun Fitness Challenge

With a Fitness Challenge waiting around the corner, chances are that you'll be more motivated to get workouts in, make some better decisions, and stick to your nutrition. Fun challenges can help keep you accountable and even push you to reflect more on your goals.

The Reign Fitness Challenge starts Jan 14th, 2019 with weight-ins, measurements, and DXA Scans going down the week of Jan 7th, 2019.

It's an opportunity for our community to reset from the winter, have fun with our health & fitness, and work together as a gym family to inspire each other going into the new year.

I'm a firm believer as a coach that if you can implement the elements that you find in a challenge, you'll always see progress.

✅ You have to establish a starting date and deadline.

✅ There needs to be equal amounts of accountability and support.

✅ You have to provide opportunities to push outside your comfort zone and promote growth.

✅ You have to have fun.

✅ At the end you must have self-reflection and game planning moving forward.

(Registration opens soon!)

80/20 Rule

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make with their health and fitness is an "all or nothing" approach, especially during the holidays. This is a time to reflect and recharge but with the tidal wave of distractions coming your way, it's important to give yourself a little leeway to be less than perfect.

This is probably the strategy that keeps me in check and sane the most through the holidays and it's pretty simple to implement right away. It starts with acknowledging when you didn't want to do something.

Like: "I don't want to go to the gym" or "I want to eat sugar cookies"

Then, simply choose to do the right thing 80% of the time. What's 80% of the time? Think 4 out 5 times, go with the right choice.

It's not about making the right choice every single time because that could get absolutely de-moralizing and put a ton of pressure on you. When you follow the 80/20 rule you'll find that the moments you do choose a better choice will be more rewarding and meaningful.

Well, there you have it…

3 simple strategies to help you game plan for the season and get a head start on the New Year.

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