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The Open is Here At Reign | 19.1 Tips

The Open 19.1 Tips

15 Minute AMRAP

19 Wall Balls

19 Calorie Row



Tip #1 | Breakdown and Game Plan

This workout is 15 minutes of a pull (on the rower), a push (wall ball throw), and squats.

- The first thing I’m looking at is the time domain. 15 minutes is not really a short workout and is going to require some pacing but because it’s an open workout, it also means there’s going to be a little sprint at the end.

My suggestion: Pace until you have about 3-4 minutes left where you are going to have to just buckle up and go after it.

- I’m thinking that if you’re pushing at a moderately high level, both of these movements will be able to get done in 2 minutes. (Row = 55s/1m and Wall Ball = 40s) Maintain this pace with a sprint at the end and we’re looking at almost 7-8 rounds.

Tip #2 | Warm-up

With a workout that requires lots of wall balls and rowing you will get warm quickly but getting your body moving well going into the wall balls is going to be a big bonus. Spend time getting ankles and hips mobile along with glutes firing to grind through lots of wall balls.

Tip #3 | Get Your Set-up Down For The Wall Ball

To find the right distance away from the rig for wall balls, I like to grab the ball and hold straight out in front of me until touching the rig. This is an ideal distance to help you do wall balls efficiently and a small step that you can take before you start the workout to really help you perform at your best.

Tip #4 | Focus on Row Technique

Whenever rowing pops up in an Open WOD it can be tempting to start rowing with full intensity and ignoring form. With 15 minutes of rowing, technique is going to be your best friend.

- Don’t think pull with your arms, think leg drive.

- Keep arms relaxed through the row making sure not to over work them as they will be working enough on the wall balls.

- Keep your hips back as you go forward into your catch.

Tip #5 | Breathe and Keep This WOD Aerobic for as long as possible

Anaerobic is working with no oxygen. (Think sprints and High Intensity Work)

Aerobic is with oxygen.

You can’t sustain Anaerobic work for very long because you need the recovery… where as aerobic work you can keep going for awhile (running).

Your goal in this workout is to continue to focus on your breathing as long as possible so that you can keep performing at a high level. Focus on exhaling every time you exert force and inhale on the return.


Leg Drive = exhale

Return To Catch = Inhale

Wall Ball:

Extension/Throw = Exhale

Catch/Squat = Inhale

Be mindful of the breathing and don’t operate in the anaerobic too soon or to the point of no return.

Review the blog post for rowing tips for more before the WOD:

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