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Get To Know The Newest Reign Team Member | Brittany D.

Last week, we announced Ashley and Brittany joining the Reign Team as our newest Admin/Member Relations Team!

We are beyond excited to have these two amazing ladies who are passionate about our community working hard to make our Reign Community even better.

But first…

We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to learn a little more about them so, we sent them a little interview style questionnaire to answer.

Hope you all enjoy and make sure to say Hi the next time you see them at the Gym working out or behind the Front Desk!

Here is Brittany!

I know both of you are transplants to Seattle. Where is your hometown and what brought you to Seattle? What were your first thoughts about coming here?

I was born and raised in Minnesota with just my parents and brothers. Both of my parents grew up on the west coast (Mom from CA and Dad from WA) so we spent time visiting family here growing up.

When I graduated from college, I didn't have a job so I moved out here to help my Grandma after she had hip surgery. It was so nice spending time with and getting to know my family better. My brother ended up out here with work and we both stayed! We both started careers in hotels and our roots settled.

My first thought when moving here was that it was temporary because I never wanted to lose the nostalgia I had coming as a kid. But then family became more important and it was so nice to build deeper relationships with my uncle and cousins.

What do you miss about your hometown?

I miss my mom, brother, and friends. And I miss the true feeling of "home"...

I love WA but I don't think it can ever replace MN as "home". However, I do not miss the mosquitoes and the humidity - terrible summer combination!!

What is your favorite thing about Seattle?

My favorite thing about Seattle is being with and around my family. I have even become "Santa" for our annual Christmas get together!

I am pretty important :)

WA is also one of the most beautiful places I have seen. My all-time favorite thing to do here is ride the ferry - doesn't matter the weather - and visit the Ye Old Curiosity Shop down on the waterfront.

My Dad used to take us there as kids to get prank stuff to pull on my Grandma and Aunt - can't get in trouble if he was the instigator, right?!

What (who) brought you to Reign? How long have you been training with Reign?

Christmas of 2017, Ashley came to me and told me that she had been stalking a gym in the area and they were putting on a New Years Challenge. She talked me into joining her on this 40 day venture to get healthy and that would be our Christmas presents to each other.

I honestly never thought I would join at the end of the challenge. But after spending one week with this community, I was sold! And now 14 months later, we are joining the team because we believe in Albert and Mesha's vision and ability to make a difference in people's lives.

What is the most significant change - whether social, physical, mental…you have experienced since you have been here?

Well I have definitely grown in all of these areas!

As much as I would like to say that I have changed the most physically (almost 40 lbs lost and down 8% body fat), I truly believe that I have changed the most mentally.

I have learned to believe in myself and the system... and that being successful takes time, patience, and sometimes even failure. I have had to shift the way I think about health all together and this has changed my entire lifestyle - the way I think about food, working out, gratitude and my own mental health.

What did you do before fitness to be active or did you always workout?

I was extremely overweight as a kid and got into basketball when I was in middle school. I fell in love with it so my parents ended up sending me to a fitness camp when I was 14. This jump started my love for being athletic and strong.