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The Challenger Experience | PJ V

What motivated you to join the challenge?

Its been 2 years since I was a regular member, I was a regular at small group and I never missed a challenge since Albert and Mesha opened Reign, but timing became an issue after the birth of our 3rd kid. Things on our end are starting to settle down so might as well jump back into it.

What were some of the goals you had for the challenge?

Long term goals, I want to keep my cholesterol levels and blood pressure as far away from the high levels. I have a family history of hypertension, type2 diabetes, etc.,.This last year, at my annual checkup, they informed me that my numbers are straddling the danger zone...felt scared at first, but I knew who could help to reverse the process.

What was your experience with working out, doing challenges, fitness? What did you do? In general?

We used to be regulars...(see photo below, Circa Valentine's Day Throwdown 1.0 2015)

Did you have a low point? How did you overcome it?

I had a lot of built up stress over the last 2 years. WAY too busy: Grandmother passed, Supported my mom during that time frame, bought a new house, moved 3 times, started a new job, had a 3rd kid, had my mom move in with us, rented out our old houses, all while maintaining a 40 hour workweek/stay at home dad (new job lets me work from home 100% of the time). Just trying to illustrate, literally had no free time. No time for myself. All that changed with that Dr's visit. Need to focus on myself and get back on track.

What did a day in your life look like while in the challenge?

I have more energy. Well rested, good nutrients, getting my strength and cardio back. A healthy PJ doesn't stop moving: Covid Project List (while on the challenge)

  1. Built a few largefgggt m Planter Boxes

  2. Made Stairs

  3. Epoxied the garage Floor

  4. Stained the Deck

  5. Installed Hardwood flooring

  6. Built a retaining wall, level the yard

  7. Install Flagstone pavers

What or who helped you be successful?

Lauren. Helps when your significant other is motivated to be as healthy as you (shoutout to all the Reign couples)

Favorite Recipe?

Simplicity. Don't have time to make elaborate dishes.

Not Really a recipe but our Favorite snack:

Trader Joe's Plantain Chips and Nino Blanco's Salsa (found only at the farmers markets and through their delivery)

What was the most challenging?

Slowing down. Really focused on recovery times vs Old PJ who'd do 100% of the challenge the first minute Albert Post's the challenge.

What was your favorite memory from the challenge?

Doing workouts and challenges at home and motivating the neighbors to get up and move. Reign is more than just a brick and mortar gym, its a mentality. Make it Reign wherever you're at.

If your challenge experience was going to be written as a book, what would the title of the book be?

50 shades of Reign? (I'm bad at Titles)

What is your advice for someone looking to start their journey or join a challenge?

Thats a hard one, 2 part answer:

  1. My mentality is Just Do It

  2. Those that are more reserved and less outgoing, its harder to take that leap forward. Just know that Reign is the most encouraging/inviting gym I've ever been to. It doesn't matter your fitness level, size, shape, etc.,. The staff is here to push yourself to your limits and no one else's, and the members are all working towards similar goals, a healthier life. From my experience, you'll get more results working together vs working alone.

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