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We're Going To Miss You Coach Dawn!

We’ve been so lucky to have Coach Dawn as a part of our community both as a member and Coach throughout Reign’s journey which makes it so bittersweet to see her move!

It’s been great to see you grow both as a Coach and individual... we couldn’t be more thankful for all that you’ve given our community.

Best of luck to you and Travis!

Ok, a few words from Dawn...

***Here is Coach Dawn LaMance***

Hi Reign Fam!

With all that is going on, it is bittersweet to let you all know that I will be leaving Reign. Trav & I will be moving to Lynnwood and my last day of coaching is this Friday, Sept. 18th.

I joined Reign in March 2015, looking for a healthier lifestyle. Like anyone starting something new, I was nervous & anxious. I researched Reign months before & I’ll always remember seeing a picture of Lauren Valdez carrying PJ. But obviously, I was hooked! I loved having the workouts already programmed & having a coach there.

However, it wasn’t just the workouts that got me, I found a supportive community in Reign. A community that never lets me give up, a community that’s always encouraging me to keep going & that I’m stronger than I think I am. A community that got me out of my comfort zone way too many times, like asking me to fill in & do my first ever competition the week of Girls Gone Rx in 2017 (Seon, Scotia, Mary).

I became a Reign coach last summer, after three long, difficult years in grad school. In those years, I stayed consistent in my fitness. I showed up to Reign at 6am everyday, went to work at Cleveland HS, & then head over to Seattle U for evening classes. My days ended either at 9pm or 10pm. People thought I was crazy for this schedule but Reign is what kept me mentally sane through it all. This is why I became a coach. To show members that yes, life can get busy, but it’s so important to put yourself first, always. Even though my time as a coach has been short, I enjoyed coaching all of you & seeing your successes in and out of the gym!

I’ve lived through several milestones in my 5 years at Reign. Trav & I have hiked a ton of mountains, backpacked Blanca Lake, Tuck & Robin Lakes & Jade Lake. We got engaged on top of Tuck & Robin Lakes (thanks to Divina for letting me know about this place). We ran a few Obstacle course races, 5ks & 12ks & I, along with some ReignFam, completed my first half marathon! All these would not have happened if I didn’t get into fitness.

I also got married & the Reign fam was there through the year long planning & the day of. Mesha helped me through my nutrition so I could be wedding day ready!

As an educator, I’ve had former students reach out to me to share their own fitness journey after seeing me go through it. My students have been my cheerleaders along the way. I remember on days I missed a workout in the morning, my students would be so concerned for me!

My fitness & health journey has intertwined so much into my personal, professional, & academic life & has helped with my mindset in all that I do!

Thank you fam for all the memories in & outside of the gym. Thank you for always being there in my ups & downs.Thank you so much, Mesha & Albert, for building this community! I honestly would not be where I am today without you guys & my journey here.

I will continue my journey in Lynnwood. You’ll see me on SugarWOD & I’ll still be working out along side all of you.

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