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5 Tips To Help With Your Recovery

Muscle soreness after a workout can be painful!

Sure, you got a great workout in but barely being able to sit down on the toilet is never fun.


In today's post I wanted to share 5 quick tips to help you recover quicker from your workouts and how to tackle muscle soreness. For many of you, these strategies will probably not be new.

However, what it can do is serve as a reminder to keep doing these things consistently to stay on top of your game.

Here we go!

Tip #1 | Hydration

It's super important to stay hydrated with lots of fluids after an intense workout. Drinking lots of water can help flush out toxins in your body and prevent dehydration, which can make the soreness even more painful.

Coach's Tip: Shoot for 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces as a starting number and also be prepared to make lots of trips to the bathroom.

Tip #2 | Recovery & Rest

Sleep and rest is honestly your quickest way to recovery after an intense exercise. If you're really sore and suffering from serious muscle soreness, take a step back and allow your body to heal.

But I get it... It's easier said then done.

If getting more sleep isn't possible, try to make an effort to improve the quality of the sleep for the amount you're getting now.

Coach's Tip: Try to avoid looking at your cell phone, tv, and other electronics starting at around an hour before you go to bed. Most electronics can easily stimulate your brain and keep you from getting even more quality sleep.

Tip #3 | Perform Light Active Recovery

Light active recovery can stimulate blood flow back to muscles and help reduce muscle pain however it's important to remember that light is relative to the individual. A 5 mile run might be a recovery jog for an avid runner but for someone who doesn't really run, a 5 mile run might be a full on workout.

The most important thing I will say to do when you're really sore, is just get moving. Walk around the block, vacuum, or even wash the car. Getting your body moving is going to start that blood flow back up and really help you feel better quicker. (Costco is always a good place to go on active recovery days!)

Light Active Recovery Examples.

  • Low distance (relative to the individual) light jog.

  • Hiking

  • Light Cycling

  • Swimming

  • Walking

Tip #4 | Mobility + Foam Rolling

Stretching, Foam Rolling, and mobilizing can help relive tension in sore and tight muscles. It's important not to push yourself into positions but rather let time help you slowly sink into each position.

Focus on breathing and relaxing as you hit those tight muscle areas.

Sample Mobility Routine For You To Complete

Lizard Stretch Left Leg x 2 minutes

Lizard Stretch Right Leg x 2 minutes

Butterfly Stretch x 3 minutes

Child's Pose x 1 minute

Cat to Camel x 1 minutes

Straddle Stretch x 2 minutes

*Add in High Dragon x 2 minutes to each side for additional stretching.

Foam Rolling


IT Band





Thoracic spine (mid back)

Tip #5 | Solid Nutrition

Consuming high quality sources of protein and carbs post workout can help you recover from muscle soreness.

If you're experiencing a lot of muscle soreness, give your nutrition a bit more attention to make sure that you're getting a sufficient amount of nutrient dense food for recovery.


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