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At Home Workout December 19, 2022

If there's any time to have an extra workout in your back pocket, this is the week!

With a busy week before Christmas and snow on the forecast here in Renton, WA workouts and gym time can slip through your fingers so we wanted to make sure that you are prepared.

We're bringing you a fun workout to help motivate you to get after it!

"Holiday Deck of Cards"

Directions: Grab a deck of cards, pull out the jokers, and shuffle. Once the timer starts, flip the first card to reveal your exercise (the suit will determine the exercise) and the number will reveal the reps. Face cards will be 10, Aces can be 11 if you want to get a little extra spicy! Your time ends when you finish the last rep.

Bodyweight Variation

Spades: Lunges (L/R =1)

Clubs: Bodyweight Squats

Hearts: Sit-ups

Diamonds: Burpees

Minimal Equipment Variation

Spades; DB Snatches Rx (50/35) FIT (40/25)

Clubs: KB or DB Goblet Squats Rx (50/35)

Hearts: Sit-ups

Diamonds: Push-ups

This is the last week to jump on any December Deals that Reign is offering so make sure you check them out in the link below:


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