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Coach Megan: New Role, Same Amazing Person

Reign Fitness is excited to announce Coach Megan's transition into her new role with our team as a Coaching Development Manager.

As a part of the Coaching Development Team, she'll be working to help develop coaches, provide support and mentorship, and make sure that our quality of coaching continues to progress and stay elite.

Coach Megan has been dedicating her time, energy, and most importantly her heart to our community for 6+ years and the community here at Reign has forever been shaped by her leadership.

We're sad to see her transition out of daily coaching but so excited to see how she can continually impact our community through her new role. Plus, you'll most likely be seeing her working out in classes so watch out... it's hard not to be inspired by her when she's next to you.

Coach Megan will also continue to spearhead our Barbell Fundamentals workshops that help educate members on the foundational skills necessary prior to starting Barbell Classes. If you haven't taken this workshop with her, you're absolutely missing out. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one and be sure to get registered.

Transitioning into daily Coaching spots will be Coach Regie, Coach Vince, and Coach Mesha all who are excited to continue to help build your fitness!

Coach Megan's last class coaching will be this Thursday so make sure to register for classes! It's not goodbye because you'll still be seeing her around the gym but let's make it a great class for her.


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