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Congratulations Reign Fitness Challengers

Congratulations Challengers!

You made it to our final day of this Challenge and what a ride it's been. (Don't forget today counts still.)

Let me first start by saying Thank You to everyone for taking the time to invest in yourselves.

It's never easy nor is it the "Right Time" to embark on a health journey to revamp and reignite your commitment to yourself. There's always going to be something going on, a transition in your life, or obstacles that scream don't do this now.

But you all asked yourselves the same question... "If not now, then when?"

And made the commitment to start.

Over the last 30 days...

Our Ultimate Goal was to help you be mindful of your health, fitness, and well being. This accountability showed up very differently throughout the Challenge...

  • Physical Challenges that may have caused some extra sweaty days and anxiety.

  • Nutrition Challenges that may have been a little annoying but still made you think about Nutrition and your health.

  • Other Challengers/Coaches asking you how you've been doing.

All of these things, were well intentioned, and designed to remind you that YOU ARE WORTH EVERY BIT OG INVESTMENT YOU MAKE IN YOURSELF.

And regardless of how you did...

Spending 30 days working on yourself changes you. Whether you see the effects right away with physical results or you see the benefits of the experience later down the road... We hope that you can find the takeaways in this Challenge.


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