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Dialing In The Right Intensity For More Progress In The Gym

Hard work and pushing the intensity is often times the expectation you may have when going in for a workout at gyms like Reign Fitness.

It's easy to get caught up in Max lifts and Pr's, who doesn't love breaking personal records!

But how often should you be maxing out lifts? How often should you be pushing at 100% intensity levels? Could this type of mindset and approach be the reason why your progress has come to a plateau?

Dialing In The Right Intensity For More Progress In The Gym

It's no secret that intensity in the gym does in fact play an important role when it comes to making progress towards your fitness goals.

You build muscle through progressive overload, lifting a little more over time and continually challenging your body to adapt. High Intensity training can help build aerobic capacity, can burn fat, and be an effective tool for weight loss.

But the question becomes how long can you maintain this approach long term and is it ideal for fitness goals.

"This is where finding the right balance between intensity and technique while also utilizing periods of low to moderate intensity can be really helpful."

The reality is in order to make progress, you need to embrace RPE's (Rate of Perceived Exertion) in the. 40-80% range for both weight lifting and workouts.

Training at these particular RPE's allow you to not only continue to consistently train long term but it can give you opportunities to work on improving mechanics, practice technical movements safely, and increase muscle activation.

Finding the right balance between intensity level and technique can also help you build a solid foundation in fitness which is important when it comes to building intensity over time.

This is why you see recommended RPE's or recommended weights from Coach's in your programming especially when it comes to Reign Fitness Barbell Classes.

What to implement:

In your workouts, try to find weights and intensity levels that allow you to work through the entire workout while still getting in the appropriate stimulus. If you're unsure, touch base with coaches.

Weights and intensity levels should allow for good mechanics, proper muscle activation, and allow you to workout safely.

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