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Fast Track Weight Loss With More Protein

Have you every tried to lose weight through eating less?

Yup! I'm raising my hand.

You've probably tried to limit calories, cut out food groups (carbs), or even cut out entire meals like with intermittent fasting.

Regardless of what you've tried, it's probably been focused around some type of restriction but it doesn't always have to come down eating less to see weight loss results.

Let's dive in.

Fast Track Weight Loss With More Protein.

Traditionally a weight loss nutrition program is going to start with eating less but more and more studies show that increasing protein can lead to more weight loss.

In fact, these studies showed that only did participants lose more weight than those who didn't consume more protein, they were also able to increase more lean muscle tissue.

Consuming more protein resulted in less total caloric consumption.

This is because more protein consumption led to increased satiety, preventing mindless eating and unnecessary snacking that didn't satisfy hunger. Another bonus is that individuals did not have to make any other changes to their daily behavior. They only had to change one thing.

Individuals didn't have to worry about meal timing, managing a wide variety of different foods, or supplementation.

But it's important to highlight that it's not always just about "more" protein. Sure, getting in an adequate amount is where the basics begin shooting for .5g-1g of protein per pound of lean bodyweight for individuals that workout but it's also about managing satiety and making sure you get in enough food.

Limiting caloric intake most often always leads to increased hunger and in turn eating more at some point during your day or your "diet".

So, make sure to include a healthy protein with your meals like lean meats, poultry, fish, or eggs. You can even pair protein powder supplementation at different meal times especially post workout.

How To Fast Track Your Weight Loss With Protein This Week

This week, make an effort to include a serving of protein with each of your meals paired up with your regular fitness/weightlifting workouts in order to fast track your weight loss.

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