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How To Navigate The Rest of Summer For Fitness Success

Summers in the Pacific Northwest are hands down one of the best times of the year here and it's a time when most of us are kicking back to relax.

Also by this time of the year, fitness goals from the beginning of the year can be a distant memory.

However, August can play an important role in building momentum going into the fall and reeling in those fitness goals before the big transition into fall.

In this post we we want to share how to navigate the rest of summer for fitness success.

Consistency for the win!

There's no doubt that summer and the holidays can be the most challenging times to stay on track with your fitness.

The reality is some seasons are in fact easier for you to stay consistent with fitness and nutrition. But as you know consistency is vital for performance gains and results in the gym.

Consistency is the ability to do things you need to do regardless of the external factors in your life. Showing up to the gym when you really feel like skipping a workout or making the healthier nutrition choices that align with your goals when all you want to do is indulge.

But it's important to remember that consistency can look different through different times of the year. What's important is that you have a plan that takes into consideration all the different factors in your present life and finding a balance that works for you.

With a packed summer schedule filled with graduations, vacations, and other events...

A full training schedule and dialed in nutrition may not be feasible for you but it doesn't mean you have to throw in the towel.

What might work better for you is scaling back frequency of workouts to a number you know will work and finding better balance with nutrition might help you better stay on track.

Whatever it is, a plan to help you be successful is the first step.

Stacking small wins!

One bonus tip is to take on the small wins mindset.

This is simply giving yourself small weekly goals (ex. Make it to 3 workouts, be more active 2 additional days each week, only eat out 1x each week) for you to hit each week to help build momentum.

Complete each mini goal and win the day, then win the week!

Summer may not be the ideal season for you to see the results your striving for but it doesn't mean you can't make progress towards those goals.

Take the strategies of creating a summer specific plan and stacking small wins as you head into the final summer month so that you can have momentum on your side when you're ready to turn things up.

Embrace your full active lifestyle but also take time to enjoy the summer.

Go win August!


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