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My Honest Story About Fitness

Things Change.

Your goals, the challenges you face, and of course your body. Coach Nemesia Nani Park shares some real feelings today in hopes to inspire and encourage you.

Coach Mesha:

"In my mid 20's, I set out to find a fitness path that I thought would work for me so I tried everything. In my late 20's I found a path in nutrition and a style of training that I loved. I gave it my everything and because I loved training it worked out well.

Then I got pregnant with my first baby and everything changed!

My body, my goals, how I ate, how my body responded to the things I ate, how it responded to workouts...

It rocked everything I knew about fitness and what I thought was "the right way" to stay fit and healthy. It challenged my thought process of how to train, how to eat, and how to motivate myself.

But with help from family and community... I bounced back and felt great about getting back into a groove that worked.

I would always tell myself, I can get "My body" back.

Then Baby number two!

"Ok, I have a game plan that worked somewhat successfully and I know what it's going to take to get back to my pre-pregnancy physique."

Then reality set in... My body was different from the first pregnancy, I was feeling different mentally/emotionally, and my body wasn't responding to what I thought was "The Right Way" to eat and train again.

It was emotionally devastating when things didn't work and with two kids... the situation was very different and more stressful. (My husband was changing careers, I had two kids, and we were moving... )

But after lots of failures and nights ending in tears... I realized that all these challenges were part of it... They were a part of my journey.

"My body is different and that's okay because look what it accomplished... it gave life to two amazing children and brought them into this world."

I embraced this and also accepted the fact that there is no "Right Way" for every individual. (Please do not listen to anyone who says "this is the only way" to do it because it's just not true.)

The "right way" is the strategies and things you find that work for you at this moment in time. If it keeps you going, it's working. But you have to give yourself a chance to try things, work hard at them, and be okay if it doesn't work out. You learn and move on.

If you're like me...

You can get lost and so focused on the end result. "What you want to look like" or "What you want your training to look like" and you root fulfillment in hitting those goals. And when I missed hitting those goals even by a little, I was so hard on myself.

But I learned...

I learned that my sense of fulfillment came from overcoming all the challenges (especially mental health), embracing change, and knowing that I wouldn't give up in my journey.

Motivations come and go but looking at your journey will always inspire you to keep moving forward.


Bonus Tip: Find a community that you can lean on, find support in, and share your victories with. It truly makes all the difference.


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