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New Coach Intern 2021 | Coach Vince

Hey Reign Fam!

We are so excited to announce that we are bringing on New Coach/Interns to join our Reign Coaching Team.

After a long interview process we have selected two amazing individuals that are not only passionate about fitness and helping others but also very excited to serve our Reign Community.

Our goal as a fitness facility has always been to provide a High level of Coaching that is centered around relationships but also prioritize expert knowledge in fitness and wellness. We're very confident that our New Coaches will be amazing additions to our Reign Team.

Our Coaching Interns will spend the next few months diving into all the aspect of Coaching so please be welcoming to them and be sure to say congrats the next time you see them in the gym.

Take some time today to get to know Coach Vince below!

Name: Vince Pryor

Age: 33

Occupation: Registered Nurse

1. What (who) brought you to Reign? How long have you been training with Reign?

Jacqui brought me to reign. We recently moved from southern California up here and we’re looking at gyms and reign was the closest so we tried it out and haven’t looked back. Have been here since Sept. 2021.

2. What is the most significant change - whether social, physical, mental…you have experienced since you have been here?

The most significant change would be becoming an intern/coach. It’ll be an experience that will allow me to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person.

3. Tell us a little about yourself. What's a Day In The Life of Vince?

Normally I get up early in the morning and depending on if I have work or not, I read and then meditate before getting my day started.

But if I work then I just get ready for work and then head off to work, which is from 7am-7:30pm.

After work I shower, eat, and then get ready for the next day of work unless I'm off the next day then I just relax after eating before getting ready for bed.

4. Share your favorite memory so far at Reign?

I’m sure there will be a lot more in the future, but my favorite memory so far would be hitting partner WODs with Jacqui.

She makes me better.

5. What are your goals or aspirations for next year? (2022)

In 2022, my goal is to be better than I was in 2021. Mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Also having a positive impact on each person I may come into contact with.

6. First CD you bought & Favorite Movie of all time...

Usher-Nice and Slow…..Love and Basketball

7. What are your hobbies outside of Reign?

Rock climbing, Basketball, Reading, Hiking, Being in nature

8. What's your spirit animal?

A jaguar

9. Life words of wisdom you have for Teens? 20 year olds? 30 year olds? (We'll stop there.)

For teens, I would tell them to chase their dreams and goals, not to be afraid to take a leap of faith.

And to ignore all the doubt in their way because if they do come up short they have so much time to recover and find a path to achieve their dream or goals.

For 20 year olds, I would say the same to them but also include travel the world and see and try new things. I would also tell them you don’t have to have it all figured out yet.

For 30 year olds, I would tell them the same stuff as the pre-30 year olds but I would make sure to tell them if they haven’t already taken charge of their life now is the time to do the things they’ve always wanted to do, that it’s okay to do things alone, and it’s okay to do what you want to do even if other people don’t agree.

10. What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their fitness journey?

My advice would be to just start, everything will fall into place after you start but you have to start first. Once you start, then understand that it’s a process and it’s going to be hard at first but with consistency and discipline it will get easier.

11. One interesting fact about yourself? Please elaborate if it needs more elaboration.

I think one thing interesting about myself is the way my mind works and thinks.

12. Share a training or nutrition strategy that is vital in your toolbox.

For both training and nutrition, my strategy is just to be consistent, eat enough and eat the right foods more often then not and train as consistent as possible if I’m able to train then I make sure I go train because once I’m inconsistent with my training it makes it that much harder to get back in a good flow.

13. Can you share one of your favorite recipes?

Jacqui’s cornbread recipe. I’d share it, but she won’t even share it with me. It’s sooo good.


Fill In The Blank...

I Love… my life and Jacqui

I Am… an earthling, a human.

I Wish… everyone would accept each others differences and realize we are all just humans trying to figure out this thing called life.

I Eat… to fuel my body to train and feel good but I don’t forget to also indulge here and there.


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