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Reign Fitness Committed Club 2022

It's no secret that hard work in the gym, balanced nutrition, and a positive attitude are major factors when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

All of these components contribute towards your fit lifestyle goals but without consistency...

Falling short of fitness/lifestyle goals both mental/physical is inevitable.

Committed Club was initially created to motivate and encourage Reign Fitness members to commit to the process. It was a movement to spark accountability and reward individuals for doing what they love to do, being active.

But as the program extended beyond just 30 days...

We witnessed something incredible happen way beyond fitness.

The Reign Fitness Team watched lives change, goals reached, and members achieve so much more than what they thought was possible.

It was proof that commitment to self-investment paid huge dividends in every aspect of your life and our gym community was fired up.

We're hungry for this level of accountability and motivation again!

Okay, introducing Reign Fitness Committed Club 2022 starting September 2022.

Reign Fitness Committed Club

  • 20 Classes in a month / Starts over each month.

  • Reach this milestone and get an opportunity to spin the Committed Club Rewards Wheel (Gift Cards, Pick any Coach to do Burpees, Win a Free Month Membership for a family member or friend, etc.) *Only the first month you get into Committed Club.

  • Our team will track the classes for each member.

  • You will be announced into Reign Fitness Committed Club on our Platforms.

Reign Fitness Committed Club Milestones

  • 3 months Committed (Does not have to be consecutive)

    • Earn your Reign Fitness Committed Club Member Shirt

  • 12 months Committed (Does not have to be consecutive)

    • Earn your Reign Fitness Committed Club Sweatshirt

    • Get your name on the Committed Club Trophy Plaque

Q & A

What happens if I get 20 classes or hit a milestone and no one contacts me?

If you feel like you hit 20 classes or one of the milestones, please email and she will check your status to confirm. Ashley, will also follow up with you to update you on the status of your Committed Club.

Do I get to spin the wheel every month I get Committed Club?

As much as we'd like to reward you each and every month you make it into Committed Club, we've created the Milestones to help you set new goals.

Can I do the class workout at home and have it still count?


Coming to classes provides that additional level of accountability from your training partners and coaches. We love seeing you and prioritizing your workouts in the gym play an important factor in trusting this process.

If I don't hit Committed Club the second month, do I have to start over from the beginning?


Once you make your first month, you're onto the next Milestone Goal and get to keep your status.

Can I check the status of how many classes I'm at?

We would like to encourage everyone to stay on top of their own scheduling/tracking but yes, you can email if you have any questions regarding your status. (She's very busy so please be patient with her response.)

Can I do more than 1 class a day?

Yes. Because we have two programs that we offer, you can do up to max 2 classes a day that will count towards your Committed Club totals.


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