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Reign Fitness Committed Club October 2022

We had an absolute monster of an October Committed Club month with 9 new members joining and 6 members hitting 2 consecutive months.

Reign Fitness Committed Club was created to not only help increase accountability but to present challenge of self-investment to show that hard work pays off.

Congratulations to our first time Committed Club Members:

  • Bridgette

  • Mi

  • Cynthia

  • Jaqui

  • Vincent N.

  • Cathy

  • Chelsea

  • Kim K.

  • Kimberly

And a huge shout out to members who are hitting their second consecutive month:

  • Palvi

  • Krambler

  • Jordan

  • Kelly S.

  • Shasta

  • Sun

Congrats again to all of our Committed Club Members and good luck to everyone has you head into November 2022.


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