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Reign Fitness New Year Challenge 2023

The 2023 New Year is right around the corner and whether you're looking for a reset from the Holidays or wanting to kick off 2023 with a commitment to your fitness...

Our New Year Challenge is a great way to get the momentum and fitness vibes rolling!

What is the Challenge?

The Challenge is 30 days of fitness beginning Monday January 9th, 2023 with a mix of weekly challenges, motivation, education, and accountability.

Our main goal is to help individuals kickstart their year being mindful of their health while providing the framework of a program all geared for fitness success.

The Challenge will consist of:

  • Weekly Physical Challenges that are scalable for all fitness levels.

  • Weekly Nutrition Challenges that are designed to help you be more mindful of your behavior rather than just limit food intake.

  • Private Facebook Challengers Page

  • Increased accountability from coaches and a challenge community

  • If you are new member you will have an Unlimited Membership through the duration of the Challenge.

  • Weigh-ins/Measurements

  • Bodyspec scans will be available (dates coming soon)

The Physical:

It's no secret that you physical fitness is an essential part to overall health.


Whether you're just getting back into working out, looking to dial things in, or you're a seasoned member looking to ramp things up... We'll have an outline for you to follow at your fitness level.

Physical Challenges, just like our classes, will all have scaling and progression options.

The most important thing is going to be finding what works for you and working hard to be consistent through the 30 days.

The Nutrition:

We do recommend that our challengers who are looking for a reset from the Holidays and have weight loss goals to follow a Paleo / Whole 30 style of nutrition throughout the 30 days.

This is simply because of the fact that although both have restrictions towards foods... the main goal is to get individuals the eat real nutrient dense foods eliminating a lot of processed high calorie foods.

This allows the body to recalibrate, reset, and benefit both from more nutrition and other health elements like lower inflammation throughout the body.

Our goal with nutrition in this challenge is no different than what we coach at Reign Fitness and Performance...

We want you to eat more real nutrient dense foods and become more mindful of the things you fuel your body with so that you can achieve better overall health.

If you're currently following a nutrition program or have other dietary restrictions, do not worry. Challenges are designed to help coach behaviors and mindfulness rather than gauge performance on restriction of foods.

The Rest of The Challenge:

The rest of this Challenge is a mixture of weekly challenges, moving 3-5x a week, being mindful of what how you fuel your body, and having fun earning your results!

And for returning Challengers:

Remember that every Challenge is different although the process may look the same. Each Challenge is an opportunity to make improvements in your journey and it's viewed more like a short sprint stage to get ahead in the year long fitness race for 2023.

Take what you've learned in previous challenges and go crush it!

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