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Reign Fitness Summer BBQ

For the first time since 2019, we're bringing back our big event of the Summer: The Reign Fam Potluck & BBQ! This year we're going back to one of our favorite places, Lake Boren Park!

We always do this event family style, meaning everyone brings one of their favorite dishes, we grab plates, drinks, and dig in. Silverware is optional.

The most important thing is hanging out with each other, eating good food, and having fun!


No, this is not a food restricted potluck. We train hard so we're going to enjoy ourselves in moderation!

We are also planning on having BBQ's there in case you want to bring stuff to cook, will keep you posted on this!

A Potluck List will be posted at the gym, just to make sure we're not doubling or trippling up on the same dishes - so please sign up in the gym or comment on this Event page on what you would like to bring to share.

Also, this is a friends and family event so round up the entire family and come on out to the park to have fun!

We are in a covered picnic area and there is... - A basketball court - Volleyball court - Tennis Courts - A big concrete path throughout the park - A lookout by the Lake - A huge playground for the kids

And most importantly there will be the Reign Fam partying it up!

This is an opportunity for everyone to get together outside of the gym, share a meal together, and have fun!

Can't wait to see you!

*This park is dog friendly however they are not allowed of leash here.

We can't wait to see you there


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