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Reigndeer Games 2021 | Reign Fitness

Reign Fitness is excited to announce that we will be hosting our annual Reigndeer Games 2021 this December!

What started as a 4-5 week challenge series for members to stay accountable over the holidays has recently transitioned into our everyday Gym Programming for everyone to enjoy.

The Reigndeer Games will feature 1 Challenge workout each week through the month of December where members can tackle a fun yet challenging workout to test their fitness.

We've had so much fun with this the last couple years, we look forward to bringing you another exciting fitness experience leading into the New Year.

ReignDeer Games Details:

  • Workouts will be featured each week on Thursdays in the Gym through the month of December.

  • There will be a ReignFIT Challenge workout and Barbell Challenge workout both with movement and weight scaling options so that everyone can participate regardless of your fitness level.

  • Each class will still start with a warm-up, movement prep, and your workout briefing. Coaches will be available for all questions and make sure to thoroughly prep you before the workout so that you have safe, fun, and challenging workout.

  • Every week will feature a different format workout that will provide a different stimulus. Some workouts may feature a slightly longer AMRAP style workout where you have to push for rounds and reps where others might be require a different mental strategy for short intense bursts of energy. Stay tuned each Thursday to see what Challenges are coming your way!


What can you do to prepare!

  • Continue to be consistent with your training as that is the key to fitness success. It can be easy to throw working out on the back burner over a busy holidays however prioritizing your health right now will pay huge dividends in the New Year.

  • Be mindful of Nutrition as this plays a vital role in not only physical performance but your recovery. We're not saying skip all the Holiday get togethers, we just encourage you to be mindful of what goes into your body and... What better motivation to stay mindful of nutrition then weekly fitness challenges that can give you direct feedback on how you're eating.

  • Have Fun! The most common characteristic of members who see lot's of fitness success continues to be the ability to find passion and fun in their journey. Whether you're going all in to test where your fitness or you're showing up to get a killer workout... find the fun in your journey.

  • Remember this is about you: You are not competing with anyone else except yourself... this is to test your fitness. Of course it's great to use others for extra motivation but it's important to remember that you are not in competition with anyone else. Embrace community for motivation and accountability with the understanding that we all have our own personal fitness journey!

See you all in the Gym!


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