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The Importance of Functional Mobility | Lessons Learned From Reign Fitness Workshop

Imagine this: You're in the gym, gearing up for a challenging workout. You said "Hi" to your coach, gave out some fist bumps to friends in class, and you're ready to get after it. But as you get into your routine, you feel a familiar tightness in your muscles, restricting your movements and dampening your performance.

It's frustrating, isn't it? You know you're capable of more, but something is holding you back.

At Reign Fitness, we understand the struggle all too well. We've seen it time and time again: dedicated fitness enthusiasts like you, passionate about reaching your goals but hindered by mobility limitations. That's where functional mobility and Self-Myofascial release comes in.

It's not just about stretching; it's about unlocking your body's full range of motion, enabling you to move freely and perform at your best. Let's take a look at the science-backed benefits of mobility and how we tackled some of these issues in the Reign Fitness Mobility Workshop.

The Science Behind Functional Mobility:

Functional mobility is more than just a buzzword—it's a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts. Research published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy highlights the significant impact of mobility on athletic performance and injury prevention. For example, individuals with better hip mobility demonstrate improved squat depth and reduced risk of lower back pain during exercises, as noted in the Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy.

Unlocking Your Potential with Reign Fitness:

In the Reign Fitness Mobility workshop we targeted releasing muscle groups in a systematic order with Self-Myofascial release through foam rolling and other techniques to allow for better movement through joints. After maximizing our ability to move well, we implemented mobility drills to help increase range of motion.

This approach to training seamlessly integrates mobility work into your workouts, ensuring that you build strength, flexibility, and resilience in tandem. Whether you're struggling with tight hips, limited shoulder mobility, or stiffness in any other area, a simple approach focusing on releasing tension around joints then mobilizing can help expedite your progress in the gym.


Don't let mobility limitations hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. Embrace the benefits of self-myofascial release (foam rolling, lacrosse ball work) and functional mobility to help you make progress in your journey.



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