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The Open Workouts are Coming to Reign

Each year, our community get's together to take part in the Open Workouts hosted by Crossfit.

This is an opportunity to test your fitness, have fun, and bring our community together through our passion for fitness.

For those newer to fitness, the goal is to see where your fitness is at and just have fun training with the community.

For more experienced athletes, this is a chance to see how you've progressed from last year, gauge strengths and weaknesses, and give it your best effort.

But regardless of your fitness experience, the open workouts are designed to bring the Reign Community together. The Schedule

Thursdays we will host GOAT Days.

Goat days are designed to be opportunities for you to work on movements that you want to work on and get better at. Our programming typically allows you to choose 2 movements in an every minute on the minute workout format.

EMOM x 20 minutes

Min 1: Movement 1

Min 2: Movement 2

Coaches will provide more tips, suggestions, and guidance in classes however we advise you to choose two movements that don't work the same muscle group and don't require too high of an intensity level.

This will allow you to be fresh for Friday when we complete the Open Workouts.

Open Workouts are announced on Thursdays and our team will adjust them as necessary for Barbell and ReignFIT classes so that regardless of your fitness level, you will be able to participate.

Saturday workouts will be focused to help you recover and move.

Tips to Performing Well:

  • Rest and recover

  • Eat and fuel yourself properly to perform at your best

  • Be intentional through warm-ups to prepare your body to move

  • Arrive early if you need additional time to mobilize and warm-up in addition to class led warm-ups

  • Pay close attention to coach's brief and tips

  • Touch base with your Coach prior to the workout with any questions and review your own individual strategy.

  • Have Fun

  • Do not compare yourself to anyone else, this is about you!


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