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Wide Out Drops Exercise Demo | Reign Fitness

Wide out drops is one of our favorite quick and easy movements to incorporate into your warm-up here at Reign Fitness.

This movement not only get's lower body muscles like your hamstrings, glutes, and quads firing through a squat range of motion...

It also helps build on mobility with each rep and gets your heart rate up.

Points of Performance:

  • Start in a standing position with your feet hip width or slightly wider apart.

  • Next, jump feet out to a squat stance and lower yourself down into a squat.

    • Note: When people feel off during this movement it's often due to jumping your feet too wide.

  • Stand back up and jump feet back into the starting position.

  • Stay light on your toes and work back up to reset.

This exercise can also be a great movement to incorporate into a High Intensity Interval Training Workout, Circuit training, and even a great finisher at the end of a leg day.

Plug this exercise in for 30-40s in your circuit to get that heart rate up and lower body burning good!

Hope this quick tip has helped you add a new variation to your training and workouts!

Check out more videos for exercises, mobility, and everything Reign Fitness on our youtube page here on The Reign Fitness and Performance Youtube Page.


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