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The Barbell Fundamentals workshop is geared towards anyone interested in learning the foundational movements that make up Reign Fitness Barbell Classes. These movements include squats, deadlift, bench, overhead pressing, and olympic lifting movements (clean + Snatch). 

The workshop is two days (Day 1 Barbell Movements, Day 2 Olympic Lifting) 

This workshop is geared towards all fitness levels and our team adjusts this curriculum to each inndividual.



Learn the basics of weightlifting from feet positioning, to breathing, and even the grip.


Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting can seem overwhelming but we break it down step by step for all fit levels so you can learn confidently.


For Everyone

This class really is for everyone regardless of fitness level, background, and experience. Our goal along with teaching is to share the benefits of strength training for everyone!



Barbell Fundamental Workshop Details: 

  • February 4th/5th Saturday and Sunday

  • Day 1 Saturday | 10:15am - 12:30pm (Barbell Movements) 

  • Day 2 Sunday | 9am - 11:30am (Olympic Lifting) 

If you're interested in attending only one day, fill out the questionnaire and we'll be more than happy to make changes for you. 

You can also talk to any coaches if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks for submitting!

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