3 Tips To Help Improve Self Positive Talk | Coach Jodeci

The voice inside your head has a huge impact on who you are and how you live your life. It can quickly turn your workout from bad to good or vice versa. It can also affect how you function throughout the day. It can easily slip your mind to regularly practice positive self-talk if you don’t make it a habit. Here are 3 tips to help improve your Positive Self Talk/Worth: Tip 1 | Remember What You CAN DO. When you’re in a workout that has a high rep scheme like 30 Wall Balls or 30 Burpees, it’s easy to get down and negative because those movements are hard plus you have to do a lot of them. The most important thing to remind yourself is what you can do and that can be anywhere from 3 sets of 10

5 Helpful Quick Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Fitness

If you had an indulgent holiday season like me (eating out, family gatherings, a glass of wine too many) and want to stick to your goals here are 5 helpful TIPS to stay on top of your GAME! It’s smart practice to follow small, manageable tasks that keep you on track toward reaching your ultimate goal. Not only do I use these strategies, these are the same skills our Reign Nutrition Clients works towards mastering. Tip 1 |Make A Plan Write everything down in a journal, your Whole 30 Journal piece of paper, whiteboard, etc, or log it into an app like My Fitness Pal. You want to do this in the morning before you start your day however, the night before can be even more beneficial. By creating a

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