Reign Committed Club August 2018

***2018 AUGUST COMMITTED CLUB*** Huge Shout out to all the Reign Members who completed 20+ classes this month. To see you guys stay committed through the summer has been so amazing and we're excited to see how great you do as we transition into the Fall Season! Cheers to all of you! SUPER COMMITTED (25+ classes): Kim Kamla - 38 classes (5) AV Krambler - 36 classes (7) Cathy Gagne - 35 classes (13) Mi W. Cho - 30 classes (15) Sharmy Fischer Johnson - 29 classes (15) Nicole-Ann Rodis - 28 classes (15) Kelly Lambert Smith - 26 classes (13) Roneida Griffith - 26 classes (4) Andrea Sanders - 25 classes (15) Megan Allison - 25 classes (13) COMMITTED(20+ classes): Gilfred Rodis

Reign Fitness Athlete Coach Jodeci Competes At Cascade Classic

Come out with the Reign Fam to support Reign Athlete, Coach Jodeci Jimenez as she competes in the Cascade Classic this year being held at Magnuson Park. Back in June and July, Coach Jodeci qualified for the RX Class of this event through the online qualifier and since then has been consistently training hard. Now, she's ready to have fun and compete! So, come out, get rowdy, and help us cheer on one of our very own. #strongertogether We will announce more details with her heat times and when she'll actually be going in each of the events the more information we receive.

August 2018 Accomplishments

Big shout out to all the Reign Athletes working hard through the summer and getting after goals. Reign teens, we see you! Way to lead by example and inspire our entire fitness community. JT 2k Row: PR 8:10 Dawn L.: 3RM Deadlift 215lbs Maureen C.: 1RM Deadlift PR 155lbs Gilfred R.: Clean PR 145lbs Brittany D.: Deadlift PR 195lbs Krambler: Deadlift PR 205lbs Holly T. : Deadlift PR 205lbs Sam T. : Deadlift PR 405lbs John L: 5RM Deadlift 185lbs/ 1RM Deadlift PR 235lbs Kim K: Deadlift PR 195lbs Ashley A: Deadlift PR 195lbs Cathy G: 10 DU's Unbroken Tomas R: Squat. PR 280lbs / Bench PR 265lbs David J: Bench PR 250lbs Reign Teen Athletes: Jessie: Deadlift PR 155lbs Taylor: Deadlift PR 175lbs Samuel

Reign Fitness & Performance Teams Compete at Girls Gone Rx 2018

Reign Fitness Competition Teams are at it again and this time competing at Girls Gone Rx Comp going down in Bellingham, WA. Come out with the Reign Fam, get rowdy and help us support the 5 (3 women) teams that we have going up to compete over the weekend! It's an all day event so make sure to prepare for that, also most of our athletes will be headed up the night before so for more info in coordinating that please touch base with... Coach Megan Mamiya, Coach Erika Otsu Email: Email: From Girls Gone Rx: "Our competitions are put on to bring all types of women together through Competing for a Cure. Our all-women competition encourages fun and fitness

3 Tips To Help You Improve Your Double Unders

Reign Fitness Coach Jodeci shares a few tips on how to help you improve your double unders. Check out the video above and the Reign Fitness & Performance youtube channel for more exercise tips.

June/July 2018 Reign Fitness Accomplishments

“For some of us, it’s way more than just lifting and fitness. It’s one of the best things in life we’ve discovered and we are proud to be a part of it.” Big shout out to everyone who's been working hard over this summer. Remember that it's not always about the end results and PR's but the journey is what gives you the real fulfillment. Keep grinding and congratulations to everyone here. Would you look at all those box jump PR's, so awesome Reign Fam! Jimmy Huynh - OHS PR 135lbs / Push Press PR 165lbs Jodeci Jimenez - Snatch PR 155lbs Krambler - first sit-up Victoria Young - clean & Jerk PR 140lbs Megan Mamiya - clean & jerk PR 140lbs Jessica Young - clean PR 145lb PR Taylor Woo -

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