What's Happening At Reign In October 2018

Friday | October 5th, 2018 | Reign First Friday Sponsored By Lululemon We are super excited to be teaming up with our local Lululemon from tukwilla south center to bring a fun, sweaty, first Friday! Remember First Fridays are an opportunity for us to celebrate our gym community once a month, have coffee together(morning crew), and invite friends to workout. And the best part is... All friends and family drop in-free! Email info@bereignfit.com to get a friend signed up or talk to one of your Reign Coaches. For more info and details check out the FB event page here... https://www.facebook.com/events/277715049505159/ Saturday | October 6th, 2018 | Barbell Level 2 Workshop Barbell Level 2 is alm

DB Hang Power Clean Points of Performance

A movement you've been seeing in ReignFIT and Barbell classes is the DB Hang Power Clean. This is a full body movement that can build power, lean muscle, and burn fat. It's also a great movement to learn before transitioning to a barbell as technique and points of performance are very simliar. Take a moment to review the points of performance to help you make consistent progress in classes. DB Hang Power Clean Points of Performance: ✅ Standing hip width stance and in Jump Position (knees slightly bent with upwards posture) ✅ Deadlift dumbbells to the hang position ✅ Extend hips and legs rapidly keeping heels down until hips and legs are fully extended. ✅ Shoulders shrug, followed by a pull u

What's Going Down In September 2018 at Reign Fitness?

September is a busy month at Reign Fitness... As we head into the "Back To School" and Holiday Season, we want to make sure that we continue to be a place of self-investment and health for all of our members. Check out some of the amazing events going down at Reign Fitness and opportunities to support our Gym Community. September 2018 | New 9AM ReignFIT Classes With a growing member base we are always listening to the needs of our community and sure enough... The Reign Fitness community has spoken, requesting a mid morning 9am class. We can't wait to see you at this new time slot. September 2018 | Reign Fitness Youth & Teen Classes We are so excited to bring back our youth and teens classes

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