Reign Member Spotlight | Calvin H.

In an effort to get to know our Reign Fitness Community better, we like to feature a member each month who showcases our core values... "Being Coachable, Confident, Hungry, Positive, and Humble." And for August 2020, We couldn't pick anyone more deserving of the spotlight then this awesome guy who is always putting in work, encouraging others, and contributing so much to our community... Calvin is always challenging himself to keep improving and continues to make fitness a priority in his life. I've never seen him reject coaching or have an ego. And the guy is just an all around good dude! He is always smiling and brings great energy regardless of what's going on his life. He leaves everythi

Programming For Success

With such a big percentage of our Reign Community forced to become garage gym warriors due to Covid-19, I couldn't help but be proud to see everyone rally to stay active and do whatever is necessary to maintain fitness. The Reign Community has been able to come together for workouts in small and safe numbers, get family involved, and re-light their passion for fitness. What I've also been able to see are some very "creative" workouts (followed by lot's of emails about programming)... But before I continue... I want to let everyone know that we've heard you and we will be rolling out a Revamped Reign or Shine Program (Our Online Programming via SugarWOD) that has shifted gears from just the i

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