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How To Find Your Drive When You Feel Like You've Lost Motivation

November 15, 2018

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Reign Fitness Cinco De Mayo Lift Off

April 25, 2018


The wait is over...


In just two weeks, Reign Fitness will be hosting our very First Lift Off. 


The Lift Off will be an opportunity for our community to get together, support each other, and watch some of our AWESOME Reign Members lift some heavy weight. 


We will still be holding morning ReignFIT classes at 7am and 8am however the 9am class will be closed for the Lift Off!



Competitors Information: 

In order to get signed up for this lift off, please email


Once you email in... 


You will receive an Athlete Registration form to fill out via email and in the email you'll be given the lifts with their points of performance, expectations as an athlete, and other information about the Lift Off.


We will also be hosting an Athlete's meeting on Friday, April 27th at 7pm to go over all the details in person. 


This meeting will go over:

- The lifts

- Strategies for the day of and day before (nutrition,mobility, etc)

- And any questions or concerns you may have.



Now For The Event Details: 


Date: Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Starts: 10am - 3pm 


Your specific start time may differ based on the weight selections for your attempts. We will start with lower weights and slowly build up and of course announce a schedule as soon as we receive all entries. 


The three lifts: 

1. BB Clean 

2. BB Back Squat

3. BB Deadlift



Athlete Details:



Each lifter will be given 3 attempts to find a max weight and be allotted 2 minutes per attempt. 


If a lifter makes their lift, they have the choice of going heavier for their next two

attempts. If the lifter fails their initial lift they can either attempt the same weight again

or try for a heavier weight, but they will not be allowed to decrease weight.