An Update For Reign Barbell Athletes | 4 Tips For Lift Off (Mostly For Squats)

As most of you already know...

Our current strength program for Reign Fitness Barbell Classes is coming to a climax this week with a 1 Rep Max PR Attempt in 3 lifts going down on Saturday at The Cinco De Mayo Lift Off.

No, this isn't required but we wanted to take a second and encourage everyone to participate.

Not only is it an opportunity to showcase all of the hard work you've put in the last 8 weeks but it's a chance to do it with all of your training partners, together.

We'll have spotters there to help, Reign Coaches supporting you, and of course Reign Fam cheering you on.

Register by emailing Coach Jodeci at

Ok For This week...

We will still be moving, lifting weights, and following a fun/challenging program each day but you'll notice that it will also be mindful of keeping the body fresh heading into the weekend.

You'll see some heavier lifting opportunities (earlier in the week) but please be mindful on your intensity and the weight loads you choose if you're going to be lifting this weekend.

If you're not lifting this weekend, you'll receive an opp