3 Tips To Help You Get Better At Working Out

"It's not about getting better at the workout, but getting better at working out."

Take some time to process that.

With workouts programmed for time, workouts with time caps, and team based wod's (WOD = Workout Of The Day)...

It's easy to get distracted by just your performance.

"Why didn't I do better?"

"Why did it take me so long to finish?"

"How come I didn't finish in the time cap?"

But it's important to remember that your one performance or getting better at that one type of workout isn't going to matter in the big picture.

Instead, keep your focus on getting better at working out.

What does this mean?

It means working out, like many things, is a skill.

A skill that needs to be: - Practiced - Reviewed for strengths and weaknesses - Adjusted appropriately for you individually to keep progressing. - Practiced some more.

3 Tips To Help You Get Better At Working Out

1. Be Consistent Many of you already do this exceptionally well and have made this a habit but I encourage you to consistently review and adjust.

Practice doesn't make perfe