August 2018 Accomplishments

Preggo and Working Hard

Big shout out to all the Reign Athletes working hard through the summer and getting after goals.

Reign teens, we see you! Way to lead by example and inspire our entire fitness community.

JT 2k Row: PR 8:10

Dawn L.: 3RM Deadlift 215lbs

Maureen C.: 1RM Deadlift PR 155lbs

Gilfred R.: Clean PR 145lbs

Brittany D.: Deadlift PR 195lbs

Krambler: Deadlift PR 205lbs

Holly T. : Deadlift PR 205lbs

Sam T. : Deadlift PR 405lbs

John L: 5RM Deadlift 185lbs/ 1RM Deadlift PR 235lbs

Kim K: Deadlift PR 195lbs

Ashley A: Deadlift PR 195lbs

Cathy G: 10 DU's Unbroken

Tomas R: Squat. PR 280lbs / Bench PR 265lbs

David J: Bench PR 250lbs

Reign Teen Athletes:

Jessie: Deadlift PR 155lbs

Taylor: Deadlift PR 175lbs

Samuel: Deadlift PR 155lbs

Allie: Deadlift PR 135lbs

Colton: Deadlift PR 185lbs

Daniel: Deadlift PR 250lbs

Marissa: Deadlift PR 225lbs

Josiah: Deadlift PR PR 115lbs

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