Make Us Do Burpees | Movember 2018

All donations starting now until November 30th will count towards our Burpee-Thon Total!

✅ For every dollar donated to our team page we will add 3 Burpees to our total to complete on November 30th.

The guys on Team PReign Mantis will then split the total number of burpees.

✅ Want to make a specific Coach or Fellow Member do some burpees? Well, we can't disappoint - so yes, we will be doing individual page donations as well throughout the Burpee-Thon.

Donating to an individual team member's page is easy too.

Just click on the team link below, find the team member by picture and fo to their page where you'll find a donate button. (Be sure to click the show more button if you can't find the team member you're look for)

Team Preign Mantis Movember Page:

And if you think for one second that making our guys do all these burpees is going to make you feel bad or guilty...


What's going to make us feel bad is if Men's Health doesn't get the attention it deserves and more guys like us fall victim to poor disease and bad health. We're motivated and fired up to do burpees so bring it on!