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How To Find Your Drive When You Feel Like You've Lost Motivation

November 15, 2018

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Game Plan For The Season + How To Get A Head Start For Health & Fitness In 2019

December 12, 2018


The holiday season brings us special time with loved ones, opportunities to give love and support, and lot's of great memories.


However, the season can also get jam packed with additional obligations and stressors. It's no secret that this is a busy time of the year for everyone.




Despite the fact that some of these additional additions to your schedule can be wonderful things, like getting together with friends and family,  it can also mean disruption to your normal routine. The combination of a disrupted and impacted schedule, additional stress, and an overflowing amount of regularly available sugary foods that you're not normally around can quickly lead to poor health habits. 


Too often I see people throw in the towel on their health and fitness goals in the last month of the year. (Every year) They give in, rationalize too much on their plate, too much temptation, too much travel, too much change, too much etc… to stay on track with their fitness goals. 

And instead… 


They re-direct their attention to New Year's resolutions, right after the holiday season has passed.