Get To Know The Newest Reign Team Member | Brittany D.

Last week, we announced Ashley and Brittany joining the Reign Team as our newest Admin/Member Relations Team!

We are beyond excited to have these two amazing ladies who are passionate about our community working hard to make our Reign Community even better.

But first…

We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to learn a little more about them so, we sent them a little interview style questionnaire to answer.

Hope you all enjoy and make sure to say Hi the next time you see them at the Gym working out or behind the Front Desk!

Here is Brittany!

I know both of you are transplants to Seattle. Where is your hometown and what brought you to Seattle? What were your first thoughts about coming here?

I was born and raised in Minnesota with just my parents and brothers. Both of my parents grew up on the west coast (Mom from CA and Dad from WA) so we spent time visiting family here growing up.

When I graduated from college, I didn't have a job so I moved out here to help my Grandma after she had hip surgery. It was so nice spending time with and getting to know my family better. My brother ended up out here with work and we both stayed! We both started careers in hotels and our roots settled.

My first thought when moving here was that it was temporary because I never wanted to lose the nostalgia I had coming as a kid. But then family became more important and it was so nice to build deeper relationships with my uncle and cousins.

What do you miss about your hometown?