The Challenger Experience | Reina H.

What motivated you to join the challenge?

I needed some extra accountability to continue getting back in shape after Evan's birth. I had started training with Mesha in February and got back into the gym right before the pandemic. I didn't want all that hard work to go to waste and I knew that I needed a little extra push to keep up with the workouts at home so the challenge seemed like the perfect opportunity.

What were some of the goals you had for the challenge?

To be honest I did not set any firm goals in terms of weight loss because I wasn't sure what to expect and how this would go with new routines at home, breastfeeding, change in diet, etc. However, I did set some goals for myself in terms of daily activity levels. I always tried to hit my daily cardio and calorie goal which I tracked with my apple watch. And no alcohol at all during the challenge.

What was your experience with working out, doing challenges, fitness? What did you do?

It's not easy to work out at home and get the motivation to get up and do the WODs alone. However, I did find that as soon I started making it a routine and working out at the same time every morning for a minimum of 4 days per week that it was much easier to get motivated. We also set up a corner in the garage with mats, dumbbells, equipment, etc. and writing the workouts on a board the night before also prepped me mentally.

What’s your favorite memory?

Seeing my 5 year old, Aiden, be inspired to workout as well and copying both Calvin and I when we're working out at home. Yeah, he gets in the way sometimes but it's also great to see him look up to us and model our healthy habits. Start them young!

Did you have a low point? How did you overcome it?

During the first week I struggled a bit with hunger in between meals and wanting to reach for my usual (unhealthy) snacks because that was the easiest thing to do. I ended up reevaluating what I was eating for my meals and counting out the calories. Turned out I needed to add a bit more protein and healthy snacks because I didn't really take into account the extra calories I was burning while also nursing.

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