We're Going To Miss You Coach Dawn!

We’ve been so lucky to have Coach Dawn as a part of our community both as a member and Coach throughout Reign’s journey which makes it so bittersweet to see her move!

It’s been great to see you grow both as a Coach and individual... we couldn’t be more thankful for all that you’ve given our community.

Best of luck to you and Travis!

Ok, a few words from Dawn...

***Here is Coach Dawn LaMance***

Hi Reign Fam!

With all that is going on, it is bittersweet to let you all know that I will be leaving Reign. Trav & I will be moving to Lynnwood and my last day of coaching is this Friday, Sept. 18th.

I joined Reign in March 2015, looking for a healthier lifestyle. Like anyone starting something new, I was nervous & anxious. I researched Reign months before & I’ll always remember seeing a picture of Lauren Valdez carrying PJ. But obviously, I was hooked! I loved having the workouts already programmed & having a coach there.

However, it wasn’t just the workouts that got me, I found a supportive community in Reign. A community that never lets me give up, a community that’s always encouraging me to keep going & that I’m stronger than I think I am. A community that got me out of my comfort zone way too many times, like asking me to fill in & do my first ever competition the week of Girls Gone Rx in 2017 (Seon, Scotia, Mary).

I became a Reign coach last summer, after three long, difficult years in grad school. In those years, I stayed consistent in my fitness. I showed up to Reign at 6am everyday, went to work at Cleveland HS, & then head over to Seattle U for evening classes. My days ended either at 9pm or 10pm. People thought I was crazy for this schedule but Reign is what kept me mentally sane through it all. This is why I became a coach. To show members that yes, life can get busy, but it’s so important to put yourself first, always. Even though my time as a coach has been short, I enjoyed coaching all of you & seeing your successes in and out of the gym!

I’ve lived through several milestones in my 5 years at Reign. Trav & I have hiked a ton of mountains, backpacked Blanca Lake, Tuck & Robin Lakes & Jade Lake. We got engaged on top of Tuck & Robin Lakes (thanks to Divina for letting me know about this place). We ran a few Obstacle course races, 5ks & 12ks & I, along with some ReignFam, completed my first half marathon! All these would not have happened if I didn’t get into fitness.

I also got married & the Reign fam was there through the year long planning & the day of. Mesha helped me through my nutrition so I could be wedding day ready!

As an educator, I’ve had former students reach out t