Reign Coach Spotlight 2021 | Coach Megan

With so many new faces in classes...

It's no secret that our community has been growing and re-building.


In an effort to get to know our community better, we are re-introducing our Coach and Member spotlights to showcase our amazing Gym Family. We're also so excited to have Coach Megan kick off this series for us, not only because it's her birthday, but because she exemplifies all the amazing qualities and core values we hold dearly at Reign Fitness.

Here is Coach Megan...

Name: Megan Mamiya

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer / Kick-ass Coach (haha!)

Age: 34

1. I know you have another job outside of coaching, can you share a little bit about that?

I work for Mistequay (based out of Michigan), where I design actuation systems (a thing that moves something else and reports feedback) for military, aerospace and space applications. I get to design from start to finish, do all the calculations, design test plans, tooling, test the designs to failure and then write up a whole bunch of very FUN reports! Love my job because it's just solving puzzles!

2. What inspires you to continue to train and live a healthy lifestyle?

My nieces and my future! The saying "health is wealth" is 100% true! I want to keep healthy and strong so I can always continue to help others.

3. What is one of your favorite memories at Reign?