The Holidays are coming to an end and we're hitting the reset button... 

And if you're like us… we can't wait to get back at working hard in the gym and dialing in Nutrition.


Unlike longer more gradually progressive challenges… The 2020 Challenge is designed to help you ramp things up quickly so that you can turn the intensity up right from the beginning. But, like all other challenges - you get out what you put in… 


"The Goal is to push outside your comfort zones, commit to trusting the process, and watch transformation happen."

Trust me when I say…


You'll find endless opportunities in the 30 days to grow but you'll need some grit and a get after it attitude to rise up to each of the challenges.

Any time you give something a start date and deadline you instill some intensity into it. You prioritize it and give it the attention it deserves which is exactly what we want you to do. This challenge is a sprint and not a pace we would expect anyone to maintain throughout the year… 

It's designed specifically to help you build momentum, make a surge, and go on the offensive when it comes to self-investment.

Join the Reign Fam this NEW YEAR as we commit 30 days to Health and Fitness!

- Coach Albert Park

Owner & Head Coach

Reign Fitness & Performance  

For 30 Days…  we will invest in ourselves, our bodies, and increase our fitness as we look to kickstart the 2020 New Year. From January 13th, 2020 to February 11th, 2020, we will work together to take on The 2020 Challenge!


This is an opportunity for you to:  

  • Kick Start the 2020 New Year with a commitment to your health and fitness.

  • Give yourself a Start date and deadline. 

  • Take part in a fitness challenge with 50+ other motivated individuals within a gym community. (Iron Sharpens Iron)

  • Learn health and nutrition skills that can help you be successful. 

  • Set Goals and work hard.

  • Hit the Reset Button from the Holidays and Re-commit to your fitness.

 This is an opportunity for you to invest in YOU! Are you Ready?




January 4th | Dexa Scan #1

January 6th -10th |  Weigh Ins & Measurements

January 13th | Day 1 Week 1

January 27th | Halfway Checkpoint

February 11th | Last Day of Challenge

February 12th-13th | Dexa Scan #2 | Weigh Ins & Measurements 

February 15th | Challenge Results Event 

This Challenge has been designed to give you a start date and deadline which can directly influence intensity levels, it can help you focus more on your health & fitness, and it can help spark a surge of energy that we often times need in order to achieve big goals and disrupt routine.

This Challenge isn't just some internet program, instagram e-book, or a cook book you follow.

It's real hard work, actual people and coaches keeping you accountable, and often times a lot emotions get involved. 

It's not going to be easy but nothing worth it is.


This is real work. Real Sweat. Real Results.












Sharpens iroN"




for 30 days


Once you register for the Challenge and get your payment confirmed... 

  • You will receive an email with instructions and information on how to register, pay for, and sign up for your DEXA scan. The DEXA scan times are based on a first come first serve basis and will be held at Reign Fitness. All registration will be done through Bodyspec and we will provide the link once payment is confirmed via email. You will also need to schedule measurements with a Coach based on the schedule which will be released the week before the challenge. (Scans are not required but highly recommended)

  • If you choose not to do a DXA Scan you will need to complete weigh-ins and measurements based on the schedule released the week before the challenge. 

  • You will be:

    • Given access to a private "The 2020 Challenge" Facebook Challenger Page plus additional resources via the week before the Challenge. (Nutrition/Paleo Manuals)

  • The Challenge will start Monday, January 13th, 2020 with the announcement of your first physical, nutrition, or combination of both challenges. 

  • At the beginning of each week, for 4 weeks, you will receive New Challenges which will include a due date and proof. (All challenges will be due Saturday 6pm the week of unless otherwise noted.) All challenge proofs will be submitted in the comment section of the post. (Please refer to the instructions)


  • Finally at the end of the challenge, we will determine The Top 3 based on a formula which includes individual achievement, class consistency, community involvement, attitude, challenge completion, coach's recommendation, etc. Weight Loss does not guarantee wins.


“The rest of the challenge is a combination of meal prep, working out, sweating, having fun, eating real food, ReignFIT/Barbell Classes, overcoming obstacles, planning, interacting with your team, and working towards a common goal with the Reign Fitness Family!”



The Physical Challenges are designed to not only provide you with more opportunities to be active...

  • They are programmed to help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your own fitness.

  • Workouts give you time to intentionally practice better movement and improve at different exercises.

  • Measurable factors like total time and reps allow you to track progress.

All Physical Challenges will come in Two Fit Levels (Performance/Fitness) and we will have scaled options for all exercises. If you have any questions with workouts or exercises please touch base with a Reign Fitness Coach.


Our Challenge Nutrition Protocol will follow the same motto we use for our Reign Nutrition Coaching Program.


"Eat Real Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants."

We are also recommending a Paleo Nutrition Protocol throughout the 30 days, we will provide you with manuals, grocery lists, and nutrition resources to help you navigate through the Nutrition aspect of this challenge.

If you do Reign nutrition Coaching, please continue to follow your current program and be sure to touch base with your coach. Also, please let us know if you can not follow a Paleo Nutrition Protocol due to health reasons. 

Nutrition Challenges will be focused on helping you develop habits that support your fitness goals.


After experimenting on ourselves, we are excited to be working with Bodyspec to offer a DXA scan opportunity for all our challengers. 

"A BodySpec DXA scan (also known as a DEXA scan) is a simple,10-minute body fat test that takes a comprehensive snapshot of your exact breakdown of bone, fat tissue, and muscle mass. The DXA scan is the most accurate and precise body fat test available" - Bodyspec 

We wanted to give all the challengers an opportunity to really get some science based data to help supplement their journey. 

A DXA scan can help you: 

  • Understand your body's individual needs, strengths and weaknesses with respect to training, diet, and overall health

  • Visualize and pinpoint the exact impact of a new training or diet plan down to exact muscle gains and fat loss in specific areas of the body

  • Make decisions about adjusting and optimizing your program to suit your body's specific responses

  • Compare your bone health to others of your age, gender and ethnicity

  • Identify personal long-term health risks

Based on Bodyspec website. Learn more here Bodyspec.com




*Must be a current member to receive this pricing.


*Includes Unlimited ReignFIT Membership access throughout duration of challenge. 

*Challenge does not include DXA Scan


1 SCAN: $45

2 SCANS (Before/After): $85

*All DXA Scan payments will be through Bodyspec



If you're ready to commit to the "The 2020 Challenge" register today below!

After you payment is confirmed, you'll receive an email from our Team on info for DXA Scans and getting scheduled for weigh-ins and measurements.

For more information on the challenge...

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