The program for Teens (co-ed 13-17 years old) will have the same focus on a well rounded fitness program but they will be introduced to more complex movements and training methods including:

  • Higher Intensity Interval Training

  • Barbell Movements

  • Olympic Lifting Movements

  • Nutrition Principles

  • Speed & Agility Programming

As your young adult builds more experience and an interest for fitness, we will also help guide them in their development whether it be in weightlifting, strength & conditioning for sport, general fitness, or even competition!


Our most popular program  blends High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with a boot camp style workout in a high energy environment.


This program combines Olympic Lifting, Compound Movements, and bodyweight training to deliver a well balanced Strength Training Program. 


From learning the basics to Macro Nutrient tracking with a coach... 

We're ready to help you reach your goals.


Work towards your personal Health & Fitness goals with a highly qualified Reign Fitness Coach who is ready to help you individualize programs.


We're excited to give the younger generations the gift of functional movement and exercise. Our goal is to coach, inspire, and build community with our young people.

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