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3 Tips To Help Improve Self Positive Talk | Coach Jodeci

The voice inside your head has a huge impact on who you are and how you live your life. It can quickly turn your workout from bad to good or vice versa. It can also affect how you function throughout the day.

It can easily slip your mind to regularly practice positive self-talk if you don’t make it a habit.

Here are 3 tips to help improve your Positive Self Talk/Worth:

Tip 1 | Remember What You CAN DO.

When you’re in a workout that has a high rep scheme like 30 Wall Balls or 30 Burpees, it’s easy to get down and negative because those movements are hard plus you have to do a lot of them.

The most important thing to remind yourself is what you can do and that can be anywhere from 3 sets of 10 or 5 sets of 6.

Tackling it in smaller chunks can create a positive headspace for you to get the work done.

Tip 2 | Take Away phrases like “I can’t”, “I suck”, and Other Negative Comments Out of Your Vocabulary.

We’ve all been through that one WOD that will get your lungs on fire and make you feel like the workout is never going to end.

The worst thing to do is think about how much the workout sucks or feel like you can’t finish. By doing that, you have just made the workout even harder because you lost your confidence in yourself.

When this happens in a WOD, think or say something that uplifts you. It will help increase your confidence and keep you grinding through it.

Tip 3 | Shift Your Mind from the Negative and Focus on the Positive.

This can be done in many ways like meditation, reading positivity books, writing positive Mantras everywhere, etc.

You should have Positivity shine through all aspects of your life so it can become a habit and not feel like a chore.

One exercise that has helped me personally is writing down all the negative comments I think about myself whether it’s about everyday life or in the gym.

Then, for every negative message, I write a positive truth that will override it. I’ve found this so helpful especially when I’m feeling down.

Too often in life, we create a headspace of negativity. Over the years, we play these negative messages in our minds which fuels our feelings with anger, fear, guilt and hopelessness.

Self-Positive talk is about recognizing the truth in yourself and all situations.

As we start this New Year, I challenge everyone to be more positive and not only to keep it to their selves, but to share it with the people around them.

– Coach Jo

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