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7 Benefits of Olympic Lifting

Over the past few years I’ve learned a lot about Olympic lifting and have been practicing them every single week. I absolutely love lifting, getting stronger and feeling like a bad ass when I get a good lift.


Over the last few years, I’ve heard a lot of people tell me how dangerous it is, or that if I keep training like I am, I will get too “manly” or things like that.

I’m here to tell you what I’ve found out about Olympic lifting and how you can do it safely to get the most benefits out of it!

Here are my 7 Benefits of Olympic Lifting and why everyone should be doing them (under the watchful eye of a coach of course so you can learn and progress safely)

1 | Weightlifting is Good for your Mood, Body and Soul!

This is one of the BIGGEST reasons why I lift.

Lifting not only is great at helping you build strength, but it is also a huge mood booster.

I often refer to my lifting time as “my therapy” because I’m always in a better mood after lifting some weights!

2| Lifting Can Help With Fat Loss!

This one is definitely a bonus when it comes to Olympic lifting.

There have been a ton of programs in the world that say cardio is the main way to lose weight. This holds some truth, but to people that only do cardio exercises, they tend to burn a mixture of fat and muscle to lose weight. When you combine cardio and weight lifting, you’re more likely to lose fat and gain muscle!

With more lean muscle, your body naturally burns more calories in the day too!

3 | Explosive weightlifting movements (like the clean and snatch) help prevent injuries!

Explosive movements trains your bodies’ strongest muscles such as your quads, glutes and back.

Strengthening these major muscles helps your body be able to do every day activities and improve reaction time.

4| Bone Health

Lots of studies have shown that weight lifting can help maintain or increase bone density as you age.

It has shown that women who regularly lift moderate to heavy weights regularly have a much smaller chance for developing osteoporosis!

5 | Olympic lifts help sculpt your Body

All lifts we do at Reign start from your core.

During Olympic lifts your abdominal muscles are constantly being fired to keep everything else (arms, legs, shoulders, back, etc) stable.

6 | Lifting Weights is a SAFE sport, when trained properly!

Safety is the number 1 goal for every Coach at Reign and should also be for every athlete.

Knowing how to lift safely, engage the right muscles, learning how to “bail” from a lift and knowing how your body moves are all essential.

For new lifters, focusing on form with light weights is necessary prior to adding on more weight. Once your body is lifting efficiently and with proper technique, you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can progress with technique and weight.

And when coached…

Anyone can do it!

7 | Weightlifting is Challenging And Requires Focus

One awesome aspect of weightlifting is how much attention it requires for training.

You can’t just walk in for a training session and not be mentally or physically present. It requires attention to detail, willingness to practice and train, and of course it’s a process.

There will be ups and downs, days that are challenging, but also lots of opportunities to see yourself succeed.

It brings intention to your training and when you focus – results happen!

A lot of people also have expressed how great it feels to not have to only focus on weight loss and looking better.

Weightlifting gives you an opportunity to set different types of fitness goals like (strength, mobility, consistency) and losing weight, gaining muscle, and feeling as good as you look are just by products of committed training.

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