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Reign Coach Spotlight | Coach Jodeci

With the popularity of our Member Spotlights that have been helping our Reign community get to know each other...

We thought it would be equally awesome to put the spotlight on each one of our Reign Fitness coaches.

And to kick things off...

Here is Jodeci.

Name: Yadira Jodeci Jimenez (Majority of people think Jodeci is my first name lol)

Age: 21 years old

Occupation: Reign Coach

Years As A Coach At Reign: 2 years

1. What (who) brought you to Reign?

My mom found Reign Fitness and Performance and signed me up for a membership. After my first class, sweat dripping, heart racing and couldn’t catch my breath; I immediately fell in love.

I knew I wanted to train as an athlete and I would come to every ReignFIT class I could (we only had 6am and 6pm class back then.) Soon after, I started personal training with Mesha and I became stronger and got taught how to Olympic lift by Albert.

2. What is the most significant change - whether social, physical, mental…you have experienced since you have been here? (As a member first, then as a coach)

My physical change would have to be that I lost over 40lbs throughout my journey at Reign!!

I have definitely became stronger mentally as an athlete and a coach. I'm someone who definitely gets in my head and it used to be more negative, but I have worked so hard to get a positive mindset.

I'm a strong believer that if you think, talk and do positive things then positive things will happen to you.

3. Tell us a little about yourself. What's a Day In The Life of Jodeci?

I usually wake up around 7:30-8am and I spend about 10 minutes in bed trying to take in all the blanket warmth before I start getting ready.

Once I'm ready, I eat my breakfast which usually consists of 2 eggs, roasted potatoes, and chicken sausage.

Then I head to the gym and get there around 10am and that's when I put my admin and janitor "hat" on. I tidy/clean up the gym and answer emails.

I start training around 12pm and that's my therapy/athlete time! I spend about 2-3 hours training and focusing on becoming stronger, faster and a better Me.

Once I get my training done, I get some food down before my clients arrive around 4pm.

After my clients come, I usually don't stop coaching till about 8pm.

I get home around 8:45pm and I'll eat dinner and then work on my computer and read some of my book till about 11-11:30pm.

4. Why did you want to be a Coach At Reign?

I have always wanted to be in a field that involved helping people and at first I thought I was going to be Dental Hygienist, but that obviously didn't happen.

I want to help people become the best versions of themselves through health, fitness and anything else that I can offer.

Helping people is definitely my calling and dream.

5. Who is your HERO and WHY?

My mom is my hero. She had me at 16 years old and took on a huge responsibility.

We didn't have any help from my biological father, but that didn't stop my mom from providing for me and my brother.

She did everything to make sure I got to play sports at a select/elite level. She has shown me how to get through tough times and how to use those as building blocks to become the best version myself.

She has also instilled in me to trust God first and then everything else will fall into place. She is my biggest supporter and fan and I couldn't see my life without her. Plus she's really fun to hang out with ;)

6. Share your favorite memory so far at Reign.

Man this is so tough...

7. First CD you bought & Favorite Movie of all time...

I think my first CD was Chris Brown his 2005 album.

Dang this is hard too...

My favorite Movie of all time has to be the Hunger Games Series (all 4 movies).

I can literally binge watch that everyday. (I need those Katniss Everdeen skills!)

8. What are your hobbies/activities outside of Reign?

I love to do anything and everything athletic (basketball, hiking, swimming, football, paint balling, etc.) I also love to Vlog, take photos, draw and anything that involves my creative side.

AND..... I love anything that involves food LOL.

9. What are your goals or aspirations as a Coach and Leader of our community?

My goal is to always provide a helping hand to our members inside and outside of the gym. When it comes to improving mobility, barbell movements, and overall fitness, I want to help with that.

When it comes to moving, painting a room, or needing someone to talk to, I am there.

I want our coaches and members to know that I'm here to serve them and give them my 100%.

10. If you won the lottery what would your first 'Selfish' purchase?

I would buy all the shoes I have ever wanted. #Sneakerhead

11. If you could create any workout what would it be?

I would have a two part workout that lasts about 30-40 minutes. It would start with:

- 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch

- 50 Double Unders

40 Burpees

30 Pull-ups

20 KB Swings (70/50)

10 Man Makers (50/35)

DB Farmers Walk x 100ft (100/80)

12. What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their fitness journey?

It's never too late to start, all you have to do is put it in your mind first and then reach out to a friend that will keep you accountable.

The biggest thing to remember is that change can be scary, but it's so much more fun to take chances in life than playing it safe.

13. Tell us one future goal for yourself and why.

I have many, but one of my biggest goal is to become the best athlete I can be. I want to do over 5 competitions this year and I want to be in the top 3 of every competition.

Also, I want to get my physique on point which means building and sculpting my arms and legs and then working on those ABS!!! (Plus be the strongest I've ever been)


Fill In The Blank...

I Love...God

I Am... going to make 2018 my BEST year yet!

I Wish... I could have a puppy ;)

I Eat... Anything and Everything! #cookies&pizza

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